Antlion (Myrmeleontidae)

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Our bespoke once-off pinned specimens are treasures to behold. Set in a handmade wooden box frame. Hard to come by, rare and investment pieces. These specimens are ethically sourced, legally obtained, legal to buy, sell and own. We are extremely conscious about the livelihood of any creature or living element be it an insect, animal or plant. All specimens are sourced ethically and bodies of the specimens are already deceased when found. They all live their natural lives which are often short amounts of time as they hatch, mate and often die naturally soon after that. The point of this artwork is to educate and highlight how important these species are in our environment and to observe and appreciate their beauty for many years to come. 

Preserved real-life Antlion (Myrmeleontidae) specimen sourced locally in South Africa. Original design by VELT Designs. Copyright 2024. 

  • Professionally framed in handmade Kiaat wooden frames.
  • Hand-scripted identity tag included in each artwork with specimen name, date found and location.
  • Original VELT Designs seal.
  • Frame size - 205 x 205mm x 55mm.
  • Packaged in our branded cotton bags and wrapped for fragile shipping.

Lead time

Available immediately. Local shipping is approximately 3-4 days depending on shipping destination. International shipping available. 

Important info

These artworks are extremely fragile. Any bumps or careless handling may disturb the pinned specimen, please take care. 
VELT Designs is not responsible for any installation or transportation damage that occurred. We can repair damages, but at the client's cost. Clients are welcome to collect artwork from my Cape Town studio or arrange their own courier. 

Specimens should be kept in a dry place out of direct sunlight to ensure the butterflies do not fade over time. Insect surface spray can be used on back on the frame every 6-12 months to keep any critters away. 

All images are copyrighted © by Nicola Andrag T/A VELT Designs. The use of any images from this site or social media pages is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained. Any re-creation of her products are not permitted and copyrighted under the South African Copyright Act.