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Botanical Glass Wall Hanging made with your Wedding Flowers

Botanical Glass Wall Hanging made with your Wedding Flowers

Botanical Glass Wall Hanging made with your Wedding Flowers.  Velt provides a range of handmade products and a few unique services.  One of these services is framed wall art from your wedding flowers.  This way you can preserve your favourite wedding flowers as art for your home.

It rides off a bigger dream. To help save our African wildlife and spread the message to protect the natural world as a whole.  Both Nicola, the owner and founder of Velt and her husband Heijn, are avid nature seekers. They spend a lot of their free time in the African bush.  They are gearing towards starting an eco-bush camp and wildlife conservation organisation in the Kafue National Park in Zambia.  How amazing is this?

To compliment both dreams they have intertwined the brand Velt as the ambassador of the conservation bush camp and have pledged profits from frames sold, towards the efforts of getting the camp running and to ultimately save wildlife in Africa. The road is long but if there is a will there’s always a way!

Founder of Velt:

VELT started in 2017 and was foundered by Nicola Andrag. The name came from the Afrikaans word veld which means “the bushveld”.  The spelling is a combination of English and Afrikaans.  It also symbolises the ethos of the business, which is to appreciate nature and the play on word of “felt” or “feeling” that nature gives you.


The Velt Story:

Nicola decided to leave a very stressful corporate world in IT and wanted to spend the majority of her time in and with nature. Nicky remembers pressing flowers as a little girl and thought it would be special to do something that brought back the memories of innocence and her childhood.

Flower pressing is a very old hobby and goes back to Egypt and the Victoria Era, which she finds very interesting. Nicola wanted to bring back the art but in a new, exciting and modern way. Today, she is constantly developing the business and finding new and improved ways of exploring ancient art. The brand is launching an online store and has a few exciting projects in the pipeline.

Velt’s products are unique:

VELT focus on unusual plants, plants that most people take for granted and explore the uses of some plants whether they medical or have special uses. The process also allows her to educate people through the process which is so valuable and learning along the way too which is fabulous!

Custom frames:

Nicola custom makes the glass frames by hand in her workshop.  You can get traditional wooden box frames made for you if you prefer that look and feel.