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          Working with Holly & Cam

I have been running this business for just under 3 years and to say the least it’s been a pretty hard hill to climb. From product development, accounting, production, design, marketing and sales - it’s a full day's work, especially when you’re a one man show. I have spent hours researching talented people on social media, trying to find people who could help with certain bits and pieces, which I never get to whilst steering the ship. But then often left feeling helpless once receiving a quote to do the work and realising that I just don’t have the funds to go ahead. Well that changed drastically after I saw a post that a friend shared on facebook advertising Holly & Cam’s special,  included was a fully designed online shop and product shots and for a very good price. It's always a risk to trust someone else to work on your “baby business” and hope they will automatically understand and see your vision, design, ethos - basically everything you have built from day one in a single email, chat or face to face meeting. Well that also blew my mind, Holly and Cam just had it in them and understood me perfectly. What a breath of fresh air! The process was seamless, simple and highly professional. 

I want to dedicate this blog post to both of them and send a huge thank you! I highly recommend their services and hope you are able to create a long lasting relationship like we did. 

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